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Install for free with 1 click
Helper Tools v2

Our old extension with many functions in one

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Analytics v3 for Instagram

Analyze a list of your followers and followings on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

Upgrade your social media experience
Install for free with 1 click
Count Likes & Comments

Find out who are the fans that gave you the most likes and comments

Discover more homepages

Amazing features

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Functionalities
Calculate Your Growth

Make daily/weekly/monthly analyses and find out with precision changes in your followers

Detailed Reports

Get detailed reports on your Instagram followers and even following!

Spot Fake Followers

Those with few followers, no profile picture or biography are most likely fake users

Identify Trends

Easily identify trends by with detailed reports that we help you build

Structured Data

Well-organized data in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats

Analyze Post Data

Calculate comments and Likes for Posts to understand what has most engagement

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